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ASPHALT SERVICES (images below)


Paving is considered as any new full-depth asphalt installation. It includes the removal of any existing top soil, comprised aggregate, or deteriorating asphalt, and the installation of new appropriate aggregate base and hot mix asphalt compacted as needed. Some examples of paving are new construction of parking lots or driveways, and the full depth replacement of any old decaying asphalt area. Lifespan with proper maintenance is approximately 30 years. 



An overlay, also known as resurfacing, is the installation of at least 1” of new asphalt over an existing asphalt area. This includes the filling in/leveling of any low or damaged areas first, followed by the installation of a new layer of hot mix asphalt compacted as needed. Best uses are for refurbishing residential driveways, neighborhood roadways, and commercial parking lots. Lifespan with proper maintenance is approximately 15-20 years. 

Asphalt Repairs:

Includes any minor asphalt damage either on the surface of the asphalt (skin patch) or as a full depth pothole. It is a simple and affordable but temporary solution to fixing asphalt imperfections. The process includes saw-cutting clean edges to remove all compromised surrounding asphalt, applying tack coat along the edges for optimal adhesion, and the installation of hot mix asphalt compacted as needed. Lifespan is approximately 3-5 years. 



Sealcoating is the application of the protective coating used for the maintenance and preservation of all asphalt-based pavements. The coal-tar sealcoat serves as the asphalt's protective barrier against wear and tear, weather extremes, and vehicle leaks, as well as creates great curb appeal. We apply it with the “push-broom” method to optimize permeation and effectiveness of the sealcoat, and to ensure we maximize the level of protection and lifespan of the asphalt. Sealcoat is recommended to be applied every 3-5 years depending on the traffic and condition of the existing asphalt. 


Parking Lot Striping:

Also known as Traffic Markings, provide a safe and organized flow of traffic for your parking lot. It clearly defines all parking stalls, parking areas, and directional messages so drivers and pedestrians can safely navigate the premises.

Crack filling: 

Crack filling is the installation of asphalt emulsion into non-working cracks and crevices to temporarily reduce asphalt decay caused from water infiltration and extreme temperatures. It also acts as a temporary strengthening agent for any adjacent pavement areas. Lifespan is approximately 2-5 years. 

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